Our, biggest ever, AUTUMN  2019 SALE has launched today!

Almost every product from all our brands that is in physical stock (i.e. available for immediate delivery) has been included in the offer at drastically reduced prices. Never ever before have we offered any of our products at such low prices - closer to wholesale than the usual retail values.

There is only one (1) sample of every product listed for the Autumn 2019 Sale at the reduced price as shown in the right hand column of the PDF document.

Although it is virtually impossible to accept products as a part-exchange or trade in against so comprehensively reduced prices, if you already own  one of our products and would like to upgrade, please let us know and we will consider if and how we may be able to assist.

The Autumn 2019 Sale list can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document here: http://www.audiofreaks.co.uk/temptations_list.php

Within the next few days we will also be publishing a list of all CARDAS AUDIO interconnect, loudspeaker, digital and mains cables that will be offered at similar or even more attractive prices.

Do not hesitate to call our office on 0208 9484153 or email us either on info1@audiofreaks.co.uk or through the "Contact Us" area of our web site if we can be of any further assistance.

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