Who would have thought that the introduction of CLEAR generation of interconnect, loudspeaker, power, headphone and USB cable design almost 3 years ago would have been such a success? Apart from George Cardas, of course, who, for decades, always knew what he was doing. He also had confidence in every next perfect incarnation of his original implementation of the Golden Ratio principle. Well, this all may be well and true, but at what cost? Bringing the Clear cable concept closer to the widely adopted levels of affordability started with the Clear LIGHT interconnect and speaker cable over a year ago with equal global success. The complexity of speaker cable designs always exceeded that of the corresponding interconnect siblings. Which, in turn, raises the cost inevitably. Warm welcome to the new CLEAR SKY speaker cable! Still with all the relevant and unique properties of the Clear design, it brings the cost of its renowned sound character even further down and is now truly available to almost every single serious audiophile and music lover. As an example, a 2.5m stereo pair of the new Clear Sky speaker cable terminated with high quality rhodium spade connectors retails at £699 inc VAT!!! Clear Sky is now shipping and all standard and custom lengths are available either from stock or to a speedy turnaround factory order.


As most of you know, the new HRT Line Streamer+ analogue-to-digital processor is now readily available - we have been surprised by the number of units sold within only a couple of weeks! It looks as if there is a truly large number of serious music lovers who could not have been given a better tool to preserve and document their music emanating from every imaginable analogue source (LP, tape, radio broadcasts, etc.).
Although the Line Streamer+ is very easy to implement and use, allow us to mention the necessity of a software package (application) that needs to be used for any A-to-D conversion to be executed. Something somewhere has to "tell" the Line Streamer+ what and how to "do" and create a 'recording' (an understandable figure of speech, we hope) of whatever analogue piece of music or other audio material you would like to convert into a formatted computer file.
There is a number of applications available either free of charge or for a nominal fee all over the Internet. They all have different user interfacing and, more or less, similar or identical facilities. As just a couple of examples, let's mention AUDACITY (excellent application for both Windows and Mac platforms) and GARAGE BAND (Mac platform only). These two (and other) applications allow the user a full choice of bit and sampling rates as well as other parameters crucial to the ultimate quality of the converted ingredients.
Last, but very much not least, may we, please, bring your attention to the importance of absolutely best audiophile grade USB cable you can afford to be used in the process of A-to-D conversion!!!! Do not forget this process creates a new audio computer file and, as such, is influenced by everything and anything the converted analogue information is being shaped into. So, using an inadequate USB cable during this process is not something that can be rectified later even if the best audiophile grade USB cable is used for playing back any finalized file.


A very simple and short warning to all: beware of an increasing number of unauthorized and dubious suppliers of any, but especially lower priced, audiophile or high-end grade products and accessories spreading over the Internet. Even most acclaimed and respectable existing online store platforms are not without them. No brand names or models are to be mentioned, but take our word that due caution and common sense should prevail over the attraction of irresistibly low prices. We purchased one of such products (belonging to one of our brands) to verify the vintage and source of a given item, only to realize it was a very "old new stock" and completely out of date compared to the current version. You have been warned!


We are pleased to report a couple of nice reviews coming from the pages of the Hi-Fi+ magazine. Both conrad-johnson ET3SE/Classic 60SE preamplifier and power amplifier combo, as well as the very new Rogue Audio Medusa hybrid power amplifier were rated very highly for their natural and musically pleasing performance one expects from any of our products these days.

Cardas CLEAR SKY speaker cable
Cardas CLEAR "SKY" speaker cable
Garage Band
Garage Band
Be warned
hifi+ 87
hifi+ 88
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