Not much to say or do in the days when another set of Season's Holidays looms and approaches. Time flies and 12 months have flown by sooner than we knew! All that remains is for us to express our deep and sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our customers among the general public and trade, members of the press and their respective publications and everyone else who has supported Audiofreaks for another, quite difficult, calendar year of our utmost efforts to serve the industry and those who still have the interest and strong enough sentiments towards the very best two-channel reproduction of music. Last, but by no means least, we would not exist without all our wonderful friends who keep designing and manufacturing better and better sounding products and making our work a continued and fulfilling joy!

Thank you all and have a wonderful Christmas followed by a Happy New Year filled with good health, motivation and perseverance towards a better and truly happier life!

Happy Christmas and New Year 2011
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