For the very first time in almost 10 years, Karan Acoustics have announced their very first formal upgrade to the Mk2 specification of all their preamplifiers! Those familiar with Milan Karanís approach to design, specifications and longevity of all his products will understand why it took so long for a major upgrade to actually happen. Whatever the reasons, first subjective evaluations of the MK2 specification in both line and phono stages of Karan Acoustics preamplifiers clearly demonstrate a substantial improvement of all aspects of the (already) excellent sound the original models so convincingly offered.

All factory built KA L, KA L REF , KA L REF Phono Option and KA Ph2 line and phono preamplifiers have been shipping since the beginning of February in their official Mk2 model specification with minimal price increase on all models. Karan Acoustics are also offering an upgrade path for all existing owners of the first generation preamplifiers listed. The upgrade package consists of conveniently designed and executed modules for line and phono stage and can be easily installed either by the national distributor or appointed KA retail consultant in a matter of minutes.

For those interested in technical details, we can let you know that the upgrade addresses various aspects of the audio circuit in line and phono stages of Karan Acoustics preamplifiers and includes new, superior operational amplifiers as well as a substantial number of passive and active devices added or changed compared to the previous circuit.

UK retail price for the Mk2 Line Stage upgrade is £790 inc VAT and the Mk2 Phono Stage upgrade costs £850 inc VAT.


Recognising the resurgence of interest in high-end analogue (LP) playback systems , we have decided to acquire and offer a very important accessory related to this area of our activities. We have commissioned a production run of highly accurate electronic stylus force gauges which offer a very high precision readings of tracking force down to one thousandth (0.001) of a gram! With very consistent and accurate readings in various temperature conditions, this invaluable accessory will assist any serious setup or alignment of a high quality MM or MC cartridge in your tonearm. Our electronic stylus force gauge is supplied in an elegant presentation box and also includes a calibration reference weight for pre-measurement calibration. The gauge is available directly from us at the cost of £55 inc VAT, postage and packing.


We are pleased to bring your attention to some very positive reviews a number of our products have recently received in the UK and US audio publications. British magazines Hi-Fi+ and Hifi News have both praised the new conrad-johnson Classic preamplifier in their November 2008 and February 2009 issues respectively. In Stereophile (February 2009), Sam Tellig also found the Classic to be a far better preamplifier than anything else he experienced at or even above the price of this product. Finally, Hi-Fi+ reviewed the Avalon Acoustics NP 1.0 loudspeaker in their January 2009 issue and declared this affordable audiophile standard compact loudspeaker as one of the "future classics".

Karan Acoustics Modules

Karan Acoustics Modules

Electronic Stylus
Force Gauge

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