Highly creative brains (and souls) never ever sleep or lie low!! Kevin Halverson of HRT is no exception. Over the past couple of years he treated us with a number of exceptional, albeit reasonably priced, devices, which moved upwards the goalposts of high-end quality music computer file playback seriously.
Now that we are well provided with various MusicStreamers for Digital-To-Analogue processing, only one more solution was missing - a component with the ability to give us just the "opposite", namely an ANALOGUE-TO-DIGITAL encoding of our music from any Line source into one of the desired (preferably high-resolution) file formats! In other words, to convert all our LPs, tapes, radio broadcasts or any other precious contents we would want to play back through our portable or stationary hardware of the kind. Not only, a long-term protection and preservation of our most valuable analogue libraries once converted into AIFF, FLAC or WAV files is perfectly possible, as well.
The new HRT product that makes all the above easy to achieve is called LineStreamer+, costs £299 inc VAT and will become available before the end of February.


We have pleasure to announce the arrival of two new designs from Kazutoshi Yamada, the main force behind Zanden Audio Systems. Yamada-san does not offer new products (or even upgrades to the existing ones) very often, but when he does, there is no question any such addition to an already wonderful portfolio of audio components, is fully justified.
For 2012, Yamada-san has given us his first reference standard valve integrated amplifier after many years - Model 6000 is a beautiful looking, remote controlled single-chassis solution, which develops 100W per channel. An innovative multi- stage circuit design has been adopted with 12AU7A double triodes used closer to the input, and 4 (2 per channel) very best KT-120 tubes are generating an extremely low distortion power. Model 6000 has 3 line inputs as well as 1 unity gain facility and operates in a true differential (balanced) mode. UK price for the new Zanden Model 6000 will be £20,000 inc VAT (March 2012 onwards).
Zanden's Model 1200Mk3 phono preamplifier has been quietly considered as the phono stage to have for some time now. Sadly, its fairly prohibitive cost never allowed as many of us to be able to enjoy its virtues as intended. Just another good reason to warmly welcome the new Model 1300 - a "poor man's" version of the Model 1200Mk3! The fact Model 1300 costs almost 50% less than the Model 1200Mk3 (UK price will be £12,995 inc VAT) does not mean all the relevant design beauties of the 1200Mk3 have not been retained. On the contrary - the main circuit and power supplies are still there and the invaluable 5 different EQ (phono equalisation) curves and 2 input load options are also very much present!! Let us hope that many more music lovers relying on analogue LP playback systems of highest quality will welcome and adopt the new Zanden Model 1300 as much as we already have.


Once the new 800 Internet Media Tuners have been brought into production, main forces of Magnum Dynalab returned immediately to further development work on their unassailable Analogue FM "side of the coin". Combining the increasingly popular "common platform" approach with evident improvements in areas of FM front end and analogue stages, the Canadian manufacturer has replaced MD-100 and MD-100T models with the new MD90 SE (Special Edition) and MD90T (Triode) SE variants. Both new models are now situated within the latest MD90 chassis with all usual front and rear panel facilities.
UK price of the new MD90SE has been reduced to £1,495 inc VAT (MD100 had a price of £1,595 inc VAT), while the MD90T SE costs £1,995 inc VAT. Both models are available now.


Audio press continues to be kind towards our products both in the UK and around the world. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine praised the HRT HeadStreamer in the February 2012 issue, while Hi-Fi+ elaborated in a most detailed and complimentary manner on the new Avalon Idea loudspeaker (issue 84). Hi-Fi+ also wrote about the conrad-johnson HD3 USB digital-to-analogue processor and the HRT HeadStreamer (issue 85). The Absolute Sound magazine awarded the conrad-johnson GAT line preamplifier and ART mono power amplifiers with their Product Of The Year 2011 accolade, too!!

High Resolution Technologies LineStreamer+
High Resolution Technologies LineStreamer+
Zanden Audio Systems Model 6000
Zanden Audio Systems Model 6000
Magnum Dynalab MD-90SE
Magnum Dynalab
What Hi-fi February 2012
Hi-Fi+ February 2012
The Absolute Sound February 2012
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