For the first time in over 25 years of Audiofreaks, we will be actively exhibiting at the SOUND AND VISION 2014 show in Bristol! Suited to the nature and character of this long-standing and, traditionally well attended, public event, we will be presenting a small, but very special selection from our extensive portfolio of high-end products. The main attraction of our presentation in Bristol will be the new STAGE music system from High Resolution Technologies, a company well established as the leader in the domain of USB DACs for some years now. STAGE is a high-end quality and low-end cost 'all but music' audio system that simply "has to be heard to be believed" as the manufacturer's promotional slogan (for once) truthfully suggests. Priced at £1199 incl. VAT, this product offers a high degree of versatility in terms of use but, most importantly, the sound quality so far unprecedented and not easy to achieve in audio systems of a considerably higher overall cost.

Please read Alan Sircom's review of the HRT STAGE in issue 104 (September 2013) of the Hifi+ magazine as well as most recent thoughts of Roy Gregory within the pages of The Audio Beat online publication (http://www.theaudiobeat.com/blog/hrt_stage.htm) as they both provide an excellent insight into this unique product.

We will also be showing the complete range of HRT Music Streamer products, a selection of Cardas Audio cable designs and their latest EM5813 Model 1 EarSpeakers (headphones).

It would give us an immense pleasure to have you visit us in Room 416 (4th floor) of the Marriott Bristol City Centre Hotel on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd February 2014 between the hours of 10am and 5pm. We very much look forward to seeing and you thank you in advance for your kind support of our, somewhat belated, debut at the Sound And Vision Bristol event.

High Resolution Technologies STAGE
High Resolution Technologies
HiFi+ Issue 104 Cardas Audio EM5813 Model 1
Cardas Audio
EM5813 Model 1
Marriott Bristol City Centre Hotel
Marriott Bristol City Centre Hotel
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