AUDIOFREAKS and MIDLAND AUDIO X-CHANGE are pleased to announce a beginning of a new, unique, chapter of their, almost 30-year long, professional relationship. John Roberts, founder and owner of Midland Audio X-change has been at the forefront of British quality and high-end audio retail scene for, virtually, as long. as Audiofreaks has been representing some of the most acclaimed producers of bespoke audio components. Both companies have developed into leading exponents within their respective domains.

As the high-end segment of the global audio industry continued to transform into an extremely specialised niche over the past ten years, new approach and concept of competent consultancy and presentation needed to be explored and implemented. One of the most visible consequences has been a gradual reduction of retail consultants for true high-end audio products with sufficient level of knowledge and experience, let alone adequate financial means for a successful long-term activity.

Midland Audio X-change has been, and still very much is, one of the solid pillars of British quality and high-end audio retail. High level of competence, spacious premises with pleasant and elegantly purposeful interior solutions, broad selection of very best products available today…and much more.

As of 15th February 2017, Midland Audio X-change will be the sole and exclusive Audiofreaks retail consultant for all our products within the UK mainland. A representative selection of our brands and products will be permanently present for visual appraisal or active demonstrations; arranged, prepared and conducted by Mr Roberts. Geographical location of Midland Audio X-change (Belbroughton, Worcestershire, West Midlands) is suitably central from all parts of the country. This will enable serious music lovers and audiophiles in search of the best possible sound, to visit their premises without too much inconvenience.

Midland Audio X-change will, notwithstanding this unique arrangement with Audiofreaks, continue to offer and provide a wide selection of other quality brands and products as before. We firmly believe that all true high-end audio creations can and should provide excellent sound when used with any other of the same quality, irrespective of brand and type. Which, in turn, will give Audiofreaks products an even greater opportunity to contribute towards overall results and performance within a broad variety of high-end audio systems.

We are very excited with prospects of our new project with Midland Audio X-change, and look forward to a long period of beneficial achievements for all, most of all the dedicated, serious music lovers and audiophiles.

Branko Bozic – Audiofreaks
John Roberts – Midland Audio X-change


Cardas A8 - May 2016 (Lee Scoggins)
Cardas A8 - July 2016 (Steve Guttenberg)
Cardas A8 – March 2016 (Sonny Trigg)
Zanden Model 120
Phono Preamplifier
TAS - February 2016 (Jonathan Valin)
conrad-johnson CA150SE
Control Amplifier
Tone Audio - Issue 78 August 2016 (Jeff Caret with additional listening by Jeff Dorgay)

parttimeaudiophile soundandvision inearspace
TAS 260   Tone Audio 78
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