:: CES2006 Las Vegas 5th-8th January 2006

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas confirmed that the high-end audio segment of our industry is far from being on its deathbed or in anywhere near as bad situation as some would like you to believe. At least, that would be a justified conclusion on the basis of number of exhibitors, new brand names and overall spirit noticed during our short visit to the show.

Most of our suppliers, irrespective of the actual location of their manufacturing facilities were present within the complex of the Alexis Park hotel resort in Las Vegas. Some of them had a number of new products to show (conrad-johnson, Muse Electronics, Cardas), others were re-establishing their global recognition (Zanden Audio Systems), and the rest of them were enjoying and reinforcing their already good position within the US high-end audio market thanks to their dilligent and creative local distributors (Kuzma, finite elemente, Magnum Dynalab). In the months to come we will keep you informed about each and every one of the new and forthcoming products as they come along. In the meantime, a few selected images on this page should give you an idea of lots of wonderful and exquisitely performing and lookinf components worth waiting for!

McCormack UDP-1 CJ Edition (digital player)

conrad-johnson 2006 electronics (selection)

Kazutoshi Yamada (Zanden Audio Systems)

Zanden Model 300 Passive Control Unit

Las Vegas, January 2006

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