Well, it simply had to happen after all the uncertainties and a sad (but somewhat justified) decision taken by IPC Media and Hifi News not to continue organising the traditional September hifi exhibition in London. After a long and careful deliberation, we have decided to organise our own weekend show event and break the pattern, quite possibly as the very first private presentarion of the kind in the modern era of the British audio industry. We have chosen to remain loyal to the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel location where Audiofreaks has exhibited in all but 3 years since 1988 when the company was founded.

So, what are we about to do that has not been done before? In short, not much. For the weekend of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2007 we will be residing in Lancaster (where many of you have seen us many times) and Wellington syndicate suites on the 1st floor of the Renaissance London Heathrow hotel. Friday (21st) afternoon has been set aside for members of the audio press, trade individuals and our guests, while Saturday (22nd - between 10am and 6pm) and Sunday (23rd between 10am and 4pm) are reserved for members of the general public who we shall very much look forward to seeing visit us in their usual numbers. Admission will, of course, be free.

We expect to present a whole array of new and exciting products from almost every one of our long standing manufacturing partners. As Summer months unfold, we will bring more detailed information about the systems, other exhibits, manufacturers who will visit and be there to talk to all the visitors and much more. Until after our weekend in September, there will also be a dedicated web page to our event which will be accessible through the link within our exhibition logo (already on our home page). While organising even a small format event such as Audiofreaks unplugged 2007 is not an easy task, we very much hope to be able to provide at least as exciting and musically rewarding few days as we did for in the past. Thanks to twice as much space we will have this year, we will be in a position to allocate a larger area space for statically displayed products as well as a comfortable "communication zone" where visitors will be able to talk to our manufacturers, our retail consulting partners and members of our team.

More about Audiofreaks unplugged 2007 soon!

:: finite elemente THE RESONATOR

Following years of success with the range of CERA products (Ceraball, Cerapuc and Cerabase) finite elemente have just announced a very different product altogether - THE RESONATOR. The Resonator is a resonance dissipating device that should be positioned on top (and away from centre) of audio components and/or loudspeakers. It dissipates the resonance energy emerging from component top panels to a significant degree while, at the same "relocating" the remains of that energy to other areas of the frequency response where music remains unaffected. The result is a more detailed and focussed sound with increased sense of resolution and transparency with no loss or reduction of musicality..

The UK retail price of the finite elemente Resonator will be £370 inc VAT and we expect to have initial supply of the new product some time before the end of July.

:: MUSE ELECTRONICS Erato II Multiformat Optical Playback Platform

Designed and built around the concept of the MAP (Modular Audio-video Platform) flasghip range of Muse Electronics products, Kevin Halverson offers in Erato II a digital playback component that will meet even the highest expectations of audiophiles and video/home theatre consumers. Provisions for all possible system configurations have been incorporated in the Erato II. Most importantly to a large number of music lovers and high-end afficionados, we have an excellent 2-channel PCM d/a conversion circuit providing a true 24-bit sign magnitude capable of up to 768kHz sampling rates. And, indeed, our own initial evaluations of the Erato II confirmed it is the very first (in our experience) digital player based on a DVD drive mechanism that sounds at least as good as the small, but respected number of traditional, dedicated CD (only) players or transport/processor combinations of same or higher overall cost. Erato II also offers a high degree of versatility in terms of modular configuration with both audio and muiti-channel input and output facilities available in various permutations (balanced, unbalanced; fixed or attenuated, etc.).

We are also delighted to mention the fact that Kevin Halverson and Muse Electronics are the very first of our US manufacturing partners and suppliers who have decided to make a serious attempt of offering their products in Europe at retail pricing (excl. local VAT) that would be as close to that in the United States (excl. state sales taxes) as the country of manufacturing. Consequently, the Muse Electronics Erato II will retail in the UK at the price of £4290 inc VAT.


finite elemente

Erato II
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