WHITTLEBURY HALL 25-26.09.2010

After an unpredicted and refreshing success of the inaugural edition of the National Audio Show last year, the organisers are working hard on giving us an even better variant of the same event in September this year. Notwithstanding the deep evidence of the continued recession as well as the newly introduced austerity plans which, in actual fact, reflect on the business performance of our industry much more than meets the eye, we all hope that the wonderful surroundings of the Whittlebury Hall complex near Silverstone racing circuits in Northamptonshire will provide two days of good entertainment for visitors and exhibitors.

Audiofreaks is expecting to be present in the CHAPEL suite on the 1st floor as last year and, while we are at present pretty much in the dark in terms of how many new products we may be able to launch or present, we are confident we should be able to provide a highly musical and correctly impressive sound of our show audio system as we have been doing for the past 24 years. We very much look forward to seeing you as many of our loyal and new visitors during the show weekend and will advise details of our intentions and activities related to this event in good time.

:: finite elemente Pagode HD MR EDITION

Allow us to draw your attention to a relatively recent addition to the range of PAGODE stands from finite elemente. An old saying suggests one should try not to fix something that works well. If there is one product we can think of that has "worked well" for so many years, it is certainly the pagode products (both Master Reference and Signature) from this reputable German manufacturer. In addition to the standard Master Reference equipment supports, the EDITION version provides an even more solid and resonance-free environment for any high quality audio components. Additional wood elements encapsulating the aluminium vertical pillars, combined with strategically positioned further metal profiles alongside the width of each individual platform, bring a noticeable reward in the overall sound quality. Not only, instead of the sloping (bevelled) frame design as on the standard MR products, EDITION supports have a much fuller and more dense frame structure which extends without a sloped angle to the very edge of each frame. Which, in turn, means even more structural rigidity and inertia when fighting all the unwanted vibrations and resonances any material generates when coping with the harmonic structure of the music.

finite elemente Pagode HD MR EDITION equipment supports command a 20% surcharge on top of the cost of the standard HD MR products and (like all other pagode supports from the HD MR or Signature range) can now be specified in six (6) different wood finishes at no additional cost. Alongside the well-known natural and black Canadian maple wood - walnut, Makassar, palisander and cherry finish are also available. As are the already known high-polished aluminium pillars. Last, but not least, when ordering the products, Cerabase supporting feet can also be specified instead of standard stainless steel precision machined spikes.

As specifying any Edition equipment support may require somewhat more detailed and focused attention, do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.


In yet another attempt to give us as much of a focused and niche-positioned control centre of every audio system, Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson have decided to eliminate two products and replace them with one that will, hopefully, fulfil it's role even better. We bid farewell to the Classic and ET2 preamplifiers and warmly welcome the new ET3!

To be available real soon, ET3 will come either as just a line level valve preamplifier or with the optional moving magnet (low gain) or moving-coil (high gain) option. With full remote control facility and ample adjustments of vital parameters within the phono stage that should make virtually every truly well performing phono cartridge genuinely happy when connected, ET3 has been also very keenly priced to bridge the gap two discontinued models created, while pushing the performance level envelope to heights previously unknown at a much higher cost.

conrad-johnson ET3 preamplifier will cost in the UK £2450 inc VAT and the optional phono stage will add £795 inc VAT. A superior SE (Special Edition) version of the ET3 will become available in due course (incorporating a large number of CJD proprietary Teflon capacitors, Vishay resistors and other refinements). We will keep you informed about this "turbocharged" version of an already exceptional preamplifier as we have more information.

finite elemente

conrad-johnson ET3
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