Good things are usually worth waiting for, but 4 years is a long time. A rather very long time don't you think? Think what you may, but George Cardas's first venture into the headphone arena of modern times did come to fruition. EM5813 Model 1 is the official denomination of the Cardas Audio EarSpeakers (some would call them "earbuds") which started shipping in the US and internationally only a couple of weeks ago.
It was a fortunate happenstance we could experience these, beautifully crafted and, equally so, lavishly presented in-ear headphones from Cardas Audio before publishing this month's news page. While we are certainly not the ultimate critics of headphones, the evaluation of the EM5813 Model 1 was approached in the same manner as for any other type of a DUT (device under test). We are pleased to let you know that the EM5813 Model 1 returned an unusually true high-end sound quality in every possible respect. Tonal balance (smooth, no electro-mechanical connotations or aggression in midrange or treble), excellent dynamic ability (ppp/fff amplitudes in complex classical music pieces reproduced with utter ease and zest), 3D soundstaging (with not just width and depth, but height very much audible when present within the music played) and above average sensitivity (efficiency) which makes the EM5813 Model 1 suitable for use with an extremely wide variety of host amplifiers, streaming DACs, smartphones, tablets, etc, etc. Truly versatile and always musically rewarding to the highest degree!
No headphone makes any sense unless it is easy to wear, comfortable in (or on) the ears and with no fatigue (usually mutating into a headache) to report after several hours of use. And here is another little surprise for you - we have not come across any other in-ear headphones with such a level of painless comfort and ease of "retention" inside the listener's ears as EM5813 Model 1 demonstrated for many hours!! The softness of the earbuds is astonishing and, notwithstanding the notorious 'rawl plug' design in order to ensure good fit and isolation from external noises, they can be removed from your ears with no resistance, let alone any unpleasant torsional movement. Remarkable indeed.
Cardas EM5813 Model 1 EarSpeakers are supplied with several sets of earbuds (different size and type), wax cleaning tool and a practical small pouch for safekeeping or travel. Internal transducers are a Cardas proprietary design and the flagship Clear Light internal and external wiring has been implemented throughout. EM5813 Model 1 is readily available and the UK recommended retail price is £359 inc. VAT.


As of 1st July 2013 we have opened another channel of communication between the world and our humble establishment. For some time, Philip Maitland-Smith has been an invaluable addition to Audiofreaks as its Sales And Marketing Manager. If it were not for Philip, who knows if and when we would, among other things, have had our new online store construction completed! As of now, his unrivalled social skills, extensive product knowledge and overall good will to assist is there for you to benefit from. Philip Maitland-Smith can be reached Monday-Friday between the hours of 930am and 530pm either by telephone (+44 [0] 1376 322150) or email (sales1@audiofreaks.co.uk).
Our main office telephone number and email address remain, of course, at your service, but do not hesitate to contact Philip with any questions, thoughts, issues or other matters related to all Audiofreaks at your convenience. He will be only too happy to hear from you and assist as much as possible.

:: HRT microStreamer AND iPAD™/iPAD mini™

A new firmware version, which adds compatibility with all generations of Apple iPad and iPad mini to the HRT microStreamer, is now available. For generations 1, 2 & 3 of the iPad, the HRT HMA-1 adapter (available as an optional item from HRT US and international sources) is required. For the current, 4th generation of the iPad or the iPad mini, the Apple USB Camera Cable will be required in extension to the USB cable supplied with the microStreamer. Visit the support page file archive on the HRT website, download the BIN file along with the UpStream utility and add this great new capability to your microStreamer in just a few minutes!!!


Produced by George Cardas in March 1992, this, extremely sought after vinyl (LP) album, has recently been re-mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed on the highest quality vinyl. Sonic results are nothing short of spectacular! Some claim Ben Harper and Tom Freund sound now even better than on the original release!! The 2012 vintage of the "Pleasure And Pain" LP is available through our online store...


Once upon a time, UK audio shows were the global reference of the kind this side of the CES (Las Vegas) primacy. Once upon a time, UK audio shows had well over 100 quality exhibitors as a standard norm. Once upon a time, the global economy and interest in traditional (2 or more) channel audio was on a differently higher level, but so was everything else in our world. Nothing (apart from diamonds, of course) is forever and everyone and everything changes...
All above aside, it is somewhat disappointing and, most certainly, very sad that in present difficult times, while our industry (especially it's high-end segment) works and strives so hard towards a respectful longevity, we do not seem to be able to gather in a moderately unison manner. Gather once a year to project ourselves through a high quality audio event that would bring what is left of trade and public attendance back to these shores. Gather to reflect and promote the remaining cultural and artistic values all quality and high-end audio hardware (and music software) is still very much there to give.
As far as we know, no form of art or means required to bring it closer to its admirers should be (mis)treated in such a manner. Being creatively selfish brings progress; being excessively self-centered within our own delusions is seriously damaging.


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Cardas Audio EM5813 Model 1
Cardas Audio
EM5813 Model 1
Kuzma STABI M chasis with drive Kuzma STABI M closed front Kuzma STABI M outer frame Kuzma STABI M sub under
HRT Microstreamer
HRT Microstreamer
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  LP (Germany) (04/05 2013)  
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