Over 20 years ago, Franc Kuzma, one of the few remaining "consummate geniuses" of the analogue LP playback world, designed his very first record cleaning devices. While their performance and effect on LPs was exemplary, proper manufacturing never became reality and a small number of units are being used to this day by his friends and acquaintances. Good ideas, however, never die and here we are in 2007 with a pleasant looking, easy to use and equally (if not more) efficient record cleaning machine called VINVAC (Vinyl Vacuum Cleaning). In the established functional design of semi-automatic machines of the kind, Vinvac occupies minimal shelf or table space, cleans LPs swiftly and with total efficiency and will take care of your record collections for many years to come.

In view of the nature of the product and, much more so, in order to maintain an attractive retail price for the UK market, we have chosen to supply the Kuzma Vinvac vacuum cleaning machine to the general public without the involvment of our retail consulting partners. Availability is immediate and the UK retail price is £399 inc VAT (plus delivery).


Latest creation from Neil Patel and Avalon Acoustics a 3-way floor standing dynamic loudspeaker system named INDRA is now available, only a few months after its inauguration at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas. Replacing the Opus, Indra brings many aspects and benefits of the loudspeaker design Neil Patel applied so succesfully on the Isis last year and will be a most interesting proposition and alternative for systems any level of absolute quality, let alone situations where space may be somewhat of a premium. Avalon Indra will have a UK retail price of £17900 inc VAT per pair (standard wood finish).


Kuzma "Vinvac"

Kuzma "Vinvac"

Avalon INDRA
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