:: conrad-johnson "GAT" LINE PREAMPLIFIER

Announced and launched at the CES 2009 trade exhibition in Las Vegas last January, GAT is the new flagship among the conrad-johnson vacuum tube line preamplifiers! Replacing the renowned ACT 2 Series 2 model, GAT had an incredibly difficult task to outperform its predecessor which managed to set very high standards. And – we are pleased to say, it succeeded!! Following the traditional CJD simplistic approach to main circuits while paying great attention to the complexity and nature of the power supplies feeding them, Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson gave us another sonic masterpiece in every possible way. Using the highest quality 6922 (ECC88 family) double triodes within pure tube audio and composite power supply circuits, they created a final result not only of an exceptionally musical and properly impressive sound, but also a control unit with extremely low (100 Ohms) output impedance. This allows interconnect cables between the pre- and power amplifier to be almost any length without any high frequency losses with the audible range of frequencies stretching into the ultrasonic zone. A generous gain of 25dB makes the GAT preamplifier compatible with a wide range of the very best valve or solid-state power amplifiers, even if their input sensitivity happens to be on a low side of the ideal values. As all flagship preamplifiers from conrad-johnson, GAT also demonstrates a very individual cosmetic approach and is an elegant and appropriate looking audio component, too. We will be providing GAT preamplifiers in the United Kingdom from the end of this month (June) and the retail price has been set at £19000 inc VAT.

:: conrad-johnson TEA-2 PHONO PREAMPLIFIER

While still on the subject of new conrad-johnson products, let us mention the new, very affordable (£2400 inc VAT) vacuum tube phono preamplifier. Based on the very successful optional phono stage provided for the ET-2 preamplifier, TEA-2 is a vastly enhanced and elaborated similar active circuit (54dB gain – sufficient for all moving coil cartridges of 0.25/0.3mV or higher output voltage) combined with very generously proportioned power supplies alongside. As per usual, the very best metal foil resistors and proprietary CJD passive components are used throughout. TEA-2 is a compact and neat component that will cater for the majority of high-end analogue playback systems and is very easy on cartridges used with it. Needless to say, loading (input impedance) for various cartridges is internally user adjustable for as perfect matching with the phono equaliser as possible.


2009 is slowly, but surely becoming one of the most creative and productive years for Avalon Acoustics! In January we witnessed the emergence of the ASPECT dynamic loudspeaker system (compact floor standing design of unique aesthetics and affordable cost) and just now we are pleased to announce the arrival of yet another new creation from Neil Patel and his artisans. The new loudspeaker system, is called TIME and is a new 3-way, 4-drive unit concept based on all the recent experiences with the Isis and Indra, while retaining relatively compact cabinet dimensions resembling the Eidolon Vision and Eidolon Diamond. Knowing Neil Patel's main criteria for a (nonexistent) perfect dynamic loudspeaker system, it is of no surprise to see the subtitle of the specification sheet call it "The Audio Chronometer" (!). As with all Avalon loudspeakers, Time excels in its low levels of distortion so important for an utterly natural and musical sound with proper kind o transparency and utterly realistic soundstage dimensions. The driver complement (with two 11-inch Nomex Kevlar woofers) ensures very broad bandwidth with no uncontrolled or misbehaving low frequencies (all the way down to 20Hz). On the other side of the spectrum, the ubiquitous proprietary Diamond Diaphragm Tweeter and the ceramic midrange unit easily and convincingly take care of the most important areas of any type of music. All the mentioned properties are combined with a good sensitivity and a pretty easy load on amplifiers, so huge power reserves (while always welcome) are not a necessity and first-class dynamic behaviour is always guaranteed. TIME is available now and the UK retail price is £44500 inc VAT for a pair in standard wood finish (curly maple, quilted cherry or figured walnut).


If our experience is anything to go by, it will soon be a full calendar year since the world (and UK in particular) entered a state of financial, monetary and economical decline which, by now, somehow became everyday’s reality we all live with. And hope for better times before too long. And better times will come simply because they always do (sooner or later). Global high-end audio industry has not been saved from the transition into dire times either and, if anything (leaving the automotive world to be the arguably most suffering segment of contemporary life on Earth), we have been hit harder than many other industries. While reasons for this happen to be complex and extend much further beyond the economy and its own crisis, the fact remains, we, as one of the longest standing and leading distributors and promoters of the very best high-end audio equipment, chose to look into how we could possibly help not just ourselves (it is no secret that we all need to create turnover and profit to remain active and continue), but also (and perhaps more) our existing family of clients and followers. And, if possible, get to know more of you who we had not the pleasure of talking to or providing one or more of our quality products. For some time now, we have been publishing our monthly web special offer price lists where we randomly select products from our portfolio and each month offer only one single unit of every listed product and price which is accommodating way beyond usual concessions our retail consultants would be in a position to suggest. Now, we have gone one step further as we feel circumstances justify or, perhaps, even dictate for some time to come. In view of the ever reducing number of quality (read: knowledgeable and professional) retail partners available – and, importantly, while still totally supporting and protecting those of our partners who have kindly chose to continue their patronage of our products – we have both expanded the selection of products in our monthly lists as well as further reduced the pricing of those depending on the currency exchange rates or other circumstances. Please note that there is still always only one (1) piece of any product listed available at such a price and those prices cannot be expected to be offered by any of our retail consulting partners. We hope you find our monthly selections of interest and are at your service if we can answer any technical or other questions or provide additional information, advice and guidance.

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conrad-johnson GAT

conrad-johnson GAT


Avalon Acoustics Time

Avalon Acoustics Time
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