Now that the Hifi News Show 2006 is safely behind us, we would like you to enjoy snippets of our presence at the London Renaissance Heathrow Hotel during the 22-24 September 2006 weekend.

Our gratitude and appreciation goes to all the general public visitors who, once again, kept our Lancaster and Jetstar suites almost constantly full to their respective capacities on Saturday and Sunday of the show weekend. Both 2-channel audio systems we had on display (please refer to the September News page for more detail) seemed to have provided an abundance of musical and sonic pleasure to all the listeners. It was so pleasing and rewarding to see visitors returning to our rooms a number of times and staying longer during every subsequent visit. We may all be in this business to sell products, but genuine compliments and acceptance of our consistent and long-standing pursuit after the most realistic reproduction of music performed in concert halls and opera houses by the show vistors is, by far, the most stimulating and motivating praise we could possibly aspire towards.

conrad-johnosn ACT2 Series 2 line stage, Zanden Model 1200Mk2 phono stage, Zanden 2000/5000 CD replay system, Magnum Dynalab MD108T valve FM tuner

Stabi XL with 4-motor drive and Stogi Reference 313 tonearm

Magnum Dynalab MD108T valve FM tuner

conrad-johnson MV60SE valve stereo power amplifier Avalon NP2 Evolution loudspeaker system

Avalon Eidolon Diamond loudspeakers and Karan Acoustics KA M 1200 mono amplifiers

Kuzma Stabi SD turntable/Stogi S tonearm/Benz-Micro Glider M-2 phono cartridge

conrad-johnson PV15 line stage and McCormack UDP-1 CJD Edition Universal Digital Player
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