Although still some months away, preparations for our 2nd annual exhibition in September at the Renaissance Heathrow Hotel in London are in full motion. Unexpected success of our 1st event last year, resulted in quite a bit of interest, both from the general public's and, even more importantly, other members of the UK high-end audio industry field. While more information and detail about the 'ingredients' of this year's Audiofreaks unPlugged weekend will emerge in good time, we are delighted to let you know that a significant number of suites within the syndicate corridor on the 1st floor of the hotel will be occupied with different exhibitors offering a wide variety of new high-end audio components within carefully configured 2-channel audio systems. We also expect to witness a selection of accompanying events, demonstrations, presentations and other events open to the visitors of the event throughout the weekend.

So much for now - please monitor our web site pages in the months to come as we are planning to launch a dedicated section of the site to the Audiofreaks unPlugged 2008 event very soon. As of July, you will also find additional information about the event in most of the leading UK audio magazines. We are already looking forward to seeing many of you (again or for the first time) in September.


It gives us great pleasure to announce an agreement between Audiofreaks and Kevin Walker's Audiocraft retail and distribution company which will assist the introduction, sales and marketing of ROGUE AUDIO products in the UK and Nothern Ireland as a relevant part of our product portfolio.
Kevin Walker is one of the most experienced audio retailers in the UK and has been active since mid-80s of the last century from his base in Uxbridge, Middlesex (near London Heathrow Airport). In the recent past, Audiocraft expanded their activities into the high-end audio distribution area and, prior to our involvement, acted as the initial UK distributor of Rogue Audio products. Kevin's extensive and direct knowledge of Rogue Audio products as well as an already existing elementary group of retailers who were presenting the brand while Audiocraft distributed it offered a most effective and natural solution towards a quick developing and productive solution for us as present UK distributors of Rogue Audio. With the effect from 1st March 2008, Audiocraft has become our national sales and marketing agent for Rogue Audio prouduct as well as our Greater London retail partner for this brand of most affordable quality valve electronics.
We are very much looking forward to a long and pleasant relationship with Audiocraft and Kevin Walker and invite both retailers (dealers) and general public to contact Audiocraft by telephone (07940-991228) or email (audiocraft@hotmail.com) for further information, pricing and anything else you would like to know about the range of Rogue Audio products. You are, of course, most welcome to contact our office as well, if so preferred.


All being well, we expect to have small inventory of the new Kuzma 4POINT and STOGI REFERENCE 313VTA tonearms towards the end of May.

The eagerly awaited Zanden Model 2500 CD Player should also reach our shores during the month of May, although we will confirm the exact timing in due course.

We now have stock of a very useful new accessory from the KUZMA range called STROBI - a sophisticated record clamp incorporating an accurate stroboscopic facility that enables the user to fine tune and adjust the speed of any turntable's rotation. KUZMA STROBI has a retail price of £249 inc VAT and delivery.

Rogue Audio
Hera Preamplifier
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