As long standing UK distributors of the Muse Electronics brand of high-end audio electronics, we are pleased to announce our involvement with yet another product coming from the designer Kevin Halverson. This time Kevin Halverson is the technical guru of the new company called High Resolution Technologies and the main product is a device that is only a logical developments of Halverson’s previous involvement in D/A and A/D digital processors for use in conjunction with computers rather than standard components.

Music Streamer and Music Streamer + offer a complete high quality (Music Streamer) and audiophile grade (Music Streamer +) solutions for playback of computer files with music through one’s conventional audio system. As you can see from the provided PDF documents within this page, the quality of the components, D/A converter chipsets in particular, would normally not be expected on any product of this type, price and aspiration. Consequently, both Streamer products are surprisingly good in their overall sonic performance and the Streamer + will easily outperform a vast majority of quality audiophile digital players for as long as the computer files used are fully uncompressed and of the highest possible resolution (bit rate and sampling frequency).

Leading UK audio magazines Hifi News and Hifi+ have just published their extremely positive reviews of the Music Streamer (HFN) and both the Music Streamer and Music Streamer + in their current issues.

Music Streamer and Music Streamer + will, for the time being be supplied only directly from our office as the nature of the product and our firm intent to maintain as attractive UK retail pricing as possible justify such a decision. UK retail price of the Music Streamer has been set at £119 inc VAT and delivery, while the Music Streamer + costs £290 inc VAT and delivery.


Music Streamer
end view

Production of Streamers

Production of Streamers
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