After a long wait and numerous changes and improvements to its design, the majestic Zanden Model 2500 single-chassis CD player has arrived to our shores only a couple of weeks ago. And - the waiting was absolutely worth waiting for! Not only has the product been vastly improved in aesthetic and cosmetic respect since the pre-production units were showed, but its performance (which is, after all, what matters most) has been pushed to a level where (and, yes, you would expect us to say that) only the Zanden's own 2000P/5000MkIV S transport/dac combination would be superior within the very best 2-channel systems. While the overall sound of the Model 2500 success fully retains the entire unique (analogue like) trademarks of the Zanden sound, our initial impressions indicate that the Model 2500 is even easier to be appreciated and will most certainly perform brilliantly in a wider variety of the very best high-end audio systems.
We can now confirm that the UK recommended retail price for the Zanden Model 2500 Signature CD player has been set at £16,950 inc VAT and in a matter of weeks we hope to have a small, but consistent stock availability of this most desirable digital source product.


Encouraged by the success and acclamation of the Zeus valve stereo power amplifier, Mark O'Brien and Rogue Audio have just launched a new flagship among their amplifier - a 250W valve mono power amplifier called APOLLO which, follows and noticeably improves on the main design properties of the Zeus, but in a much more physically manageable and financially more affordable package. Using 3 pairs of KT88/KT90 output valves per monoblock, this amplifier is expected to deliver almost unlimited dynamic ability combined with a high degree of resolving power and musical transparency. We should have our first pair of Apollo in the UK within the next 3-4 weeks and the UK recommended retail price for a pair of Rogue Apollo mono amplifiers (including obligatory valve protection cages) will be £8,490 inc VAT.


It was a pleasure to be able to host our old friend/supplier Franc Kuzma and members of the British audio press in our quarters on the 14th May 2008. The occasion was to present two new Kuzma tonearms that have been very much talked about internationally for some months, although none of them will actually be available in any market before July this year!? One happens to be a very innovative and radically different design (4POINT) while the other (Stogi Reference 313 VTA) manages to push an already established and long-standing contender to a new, higher level of design and performance. Incorporating both a 12-inch effective length and an original VTA adjustment solution which enables such a long arm to be mounted on virtually any turntable accepting only 9-inch tonearms, the Stogi Ref 313VTA should soon become a very interesting proposition indeed. First reviews of the new Kuzma tonearms will appear in the UK audio press from September 2008. Introductory UK recommended retail prices of the Kuzma 4POINT and Stogi Reference 313VTA will be £3,790 and £1,990 in VAT respectively.

Zanden Model 2500 CD Player

Zanden Model 2500 CD Player - Back
Rogue Audio Apollo monoblock power amplifier

Franc Kuzma and members of the british audio press

Kuzma Stogi Reference 313 VTA Tonearm

Kuzma 4POINT Tonearm
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