As already announced within the CES2009 report earlier this year, Neil Patel and Avalon Acoustics will be providing the global high-end audio community with a number of completely new dynamic loudspeaker design systems this year. The first of 3 new models is, at the same time, arguably the most intriguing one and also the most inexpensive one – it is the ASPECT, a 2-way, 3-drive unit compact floor standing unit which has become the "entry level" representative of the Avalon 2009 loudspeaker collection.

ASPECT features a proprietary 1-inch composite neodymium high frequency drive unit and a pair of 7-inch Nomex Kevlar composite cone woofer units which were also customised and tuned to Avalon’s specific requirements. The nominal impedance is 4 Ohms and the sensitivity adjusted to a very usable value of 92dB. Such a high level of sensitivity has been achieved without any compromise in crucial areas of low level information resolving ability, micro dynamics, overall transparency or any of the soundstage dimensions. Consequently, the manufacturer advises that high quality amplifiers of as little as 15W per channel can drive the Aspect admirably for as long as the size of the room and desired volume (level) of reproduction are realistic. Needless to say, there is never too much clean and quality power into any serious high-end loudspeaker and Aspect will be comfortably with any of the best power amplifiers up to 200W per channel, irrespective of technology. The new Aspect loudspeaker retains practical overall dimensions of 102cm (height), 39cm (width) and 43cm (depth) and each unit weighs a respectable 34 kilograms. Avalon Aspect is available in the UK at the recommended retail price of £8,750 inc VAT pair in standard wood finish (quilted cherry, curtly maple or figured walnut).


Stephen Harper and his retail consultancy The Audio Consultants has been the very longest standing partner of among the retail consultants since the beginning of Audiofreaks. Over the years, TAC and Audiofreaks have provided a vast number of discerned music lovers and audiophiles with a broad selection of quality audio products. The sheer musical qualities of our products, combined with Stephen Harper’s aesthetic taste, knowledge and expertise in getting the maximum out of every single product within a system application, have proven themselves on numerous occasions. Notwithstanding very trying times we are all living through at present, we have jointly decided to, once again, demonstrate and prove that either upgrades within an existing high-end audio system or an acquisition of a completely new system of the kind can be achieved with total confidence and trust, irrespective of the cost or value. As of the beginning of this month (May), The Audio Consultants will be able to display, present and actively demonstrate the almost complete portfolio of Audiofreaks brands within a dedicated area of their showroom in Aldermaston, Berkshire. Separate dedicated listening rooms will gradually be available and set up with different audio systems which, either on their own, or combined with other most respectable brands under the umbrella of The Audio Consultants will undoubtedly provide the highest level of musical sounding systems with both analogue and digital sources. Both The Audio Consultants and Audiofreaks firmly believe that only a fully dedicated support to a limited number of carefully selected brands and products can guarantee a consistent musical and sonic result of highest possible standards. For all additional information, please visit The Audio Consultants web site (www.audioconsultants.co.uk) or contact Stephen Harper by telephone on (0118) 981 9891.

:: AUDIOFREAKS AT THE AUDIO SHOW '09 26-27 September 2009

We are pleased to confirm our participation at the AUDIO SHOW '09 which will take place at the luxurious golf resort of Whittlebury Hall near the legendary Silverstone motor racing circuit on the 26th and 27th September 2009. Organised by the Chester Group (well known for their Park Inn Heathrow, London events as well as numerous other audio shows around the country), it is a radical detour from years of tradition and September every year being the month of the audio show of the year somewhere in London. Let us hope that the relocation of what aims to become the most important quality audio and home theatre even in the United Kingdom for years to come, will bring a breath of fresh air so much needed in this segment of our industry. Audiofreaks as one of the leading high-end audio distribution companies in the UK happily offers its support to the new event and we are very much looking forward to an enjoyable late September weekend in Oxfordshire. More information to follow soon.

Avalon Aspect
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