:: NEW 'CERA' PRODUCTS FROM finite elemente

Audiophiles taking seriously elimination of vibrations and resonances are only too familiar with Ceraball Universal, Cerapuc and Cerabase supporting feet. They have been around for some years now and created another avenue of success for its manufacturer. Feedback from the field over the years suggested that customers had realistic need and requirement for some variations of the existing Cera products and - here they are!

Cerabase Compact - is a smaller version of the original Cerabase foot. It can be used to support equipment stands, loudspeakers or other reasonably heavy components. Like its bigger relative, Cerabase Compact allows height adjustment within the range of 10mm. RRP for Cerabase Compact are £395 (set of 3) and £525 (set of 4) inc VAT.

Cerabase Slimline which has been designed as a substitute for original component feet and, consequently, has no height adjustment. These direct coupling devices use the proven Ceramic Ball Interface to give better resolution, improved soundstage and superior dynamic response with an overall improvement in the sound presentation of the component it supports. RRP for Cerabase Slimline are £310 (set of 3) and £420 (set of 4) inc VAT

Cerabase B&W has been specifically designed for the Bowers &Wilkins 800 series to replace the original castor or spike foot set and is height adjustable within a range of 10mm. RRP for a set of Cerabase B&W is £595 inc VAT.

finite elemente CERA technology is based on direct coupling for effective transfer of sound interfering resonances. Fast resonance transfer is provided by extreme hard high-tech ceramic balls combined with precision machined materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, thus the optimum balance between damping and deflection is achieved. The resulting vacuum effect draws off unwanted resonances directly at the point of their source. Clear advantages are: no resonance build-up, no over-damping and no loss of deflection. The CERA technology improves the sound wherever sound-impairing resonances restrict the natural harmonic structure of the music.

:: MAGNUM DYNALAB MD 107T Analogue Triode FM Tuner

At the 2010 CES in January, we witnessed the launch of the wonderful new integrated amplifier (MD309) and FM receiver (MD209) from Magnum Dynalab. Rumors indicated an almost imminent appearance of "some" new FM tuners, but that was all to be known. The arrival of the new MD107T analogue triode FM tuner only a couple of weeks ago was a most pleasant surprise. Not only does the new design (to replace the MD106T and take its place in the upper section of the MD tuner product range) provide a significant step forward in terms of FM broadcast reception and overall sonic performance, but also offers a further improved DAC module (including a USB interface for streaming of music data files) and new remote control facility as options. The new MD107T also exhibits a radical detour in aesthetics which is now far more aligned towards the concept of the MD109 flagship tuner and recent MD209 and MD309 models. We are pleased to have been able to sustain a minimal price differential between the now defunct MD106T and the new MD107T with the MD107T costing £4190 inc VAT with immediate availability.


We are pleased to announce an agreement with the renowned US manufacturer of power (mains) conditioning products RUNNING SPRINGS AUDIO (www.runningspringsaudio.com) to exclusively represent them and market their products in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Official launch and presentation of RSA products will take place at the 2010 National Audio Show in September this year. We expect RSA line conditioners in their dedicated UK version (with several models incorporating high quality UK mains outlets) to became available to customers late August/early September. More detailed information to follow soon.


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