Kuzma Stabi SD-12 (2-arm chasiss), optional electronic power supply and the new STOGI S-12 tonearm (12- inch effective length)

finite elemente HD03MR EDITION in walnut wood finish, Zanden Model 2500S CD Player, Karan Acoustics KA L REF Mk3, Magnum Dynalab MD 07T and Running Springs Audio Dmitri

Zanden Model 2500S CD Player in new Piano Black finish and 50% of the new Karan Acoustics KA L REF Mk3 line/phono preamplifier

Aerial view of the Kuzma Stabi SD-12 turntable, Stogi S-12 tonearm and the Benz-Micro Glider SM phono cartridge

Another world launch: Karan Acoustics KA S 600 stereo amplifier (on the finite elemente HD 09MR EDITION amplifier platform)

Avalon Acoustics Transcendent dynamic loudspeaker system (world launch) and the KA S 600 amplifier, Cardas Clear IC and Clear Beyond SC cables and the Running Springs Audio Duke line conditioner

Running Springs Audio DMITRI line conditioner - the flagship of the RSA range; now available in the UK for the first time

A very happy family of Music Streamers - MSII, MSII+ and MS PRO have all been used during the show with great success

McCormack DNA-750 mono power amplifiers (650W) are a new and affordable solution for a musical powerhouse. Muse Electronics Erato II digital player remains one of the excellent source options
conrad-johnson ET3 line/phono preamplifier, Rogue Audio Stealth phono preamplifier, conrad-johnson LP66S stereo amplifier and Magnum Dynalab MD29 FM Analogue Receiver

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