One of the traditional and long-adopted views about any high quality commodity relates to it's "shelf life" or, in other words, the length of time their respective manufacturers keep them in production before their respective successors are to enter the stage. Milan Karan, the creator of all Karan Acoustics products is one of those gifted people in the world of audio electronics who firmly believes that no product should be given to it's audience until it has been developed to a level which allows for many years without a need for any, or at best truly beneficial, changes to the original solution. Faithful to his convictions, it took him almost 10 years to radically and thoroughly re-design all his products and - here they are! Launched at the September NAS2010 event here in the UK, we are proud to present the 2011 range of Karan Acoustics high-end solid-state audio electronics that has come to stay, once again, for many years at the very pinnacle of reference standard products of the kind.

Every model in the new Karan Acoustics range has been extensively improved in areas of power supplies, audio circuits and components used therein. All products now incorporate the highest grade of non-magnetic Vishay resistors and a large number of new, proprietary polystyrene capacitors. All products now also feature a complete implementation of Cardas Audio internal wiring (input and output) as well as their rhodium input and output RCA connectors and speaker binding posts. Further, all large power amplifiers have now been given considerably more powerful mains transformers in conjunction with revised input and output stage circuits. This inevitably resulted not just in a significantly superior sonic performance, but a further increase in power ratings as well. Last, but not least, all Karan Acoustics products are now also available in silver finish at no extra cost.

Small products within the range have been given a new Mk2 or Mk3 nomenclature (KA I 180 Mk2, KA L Mk3, KA S 180 Mk2 and KA Phono Mk3). The flagship preamplifier has a model name KA L REF Mk3. Large amplifier have new model number to correspond their new power rating: KA S 400 (2x400W/8 Ohm), KA S 600 (2 x 600/8 Ohm), KA M 900 (900W/8 Ohm per monoblock) and KA M 2000 (2000W/8 Ohm per monoblock). All new products are shipping now and, very importantly, prices have only undergone a 10% increase across the range in comparison to the discontinued models.


Here is your goal: design a loudspeaker that will have the fundamental sonic character of something costing 3 times as much as the target, work well in a wide variety of listening rooms, be sufficiently efficient and not cost more than it really must. Sounds simple? Well, even if it does, it is not! Enter Neil Patel, the Alpha and Omega of Avalon Acoustics and what do we get? A loudspeaker that inherits main sonic properties of a design called Time, physically happens to be slightly larger than the Ascendant and a smidgeon smaller than the Indra, uses a brand new neodymium HF drive unit (like on the Indra) and the two mid/bass drive units resembling those in the Ascendant. So, we have a nicely efficient 3-driver, 2-way system creating music from the volume capacity larger than such a driver complement would otherwise be situated in and is pretty efficient. Musicality, naturalness, beautiful soundstage of enviable dimensions, totally free flowing and uncompressed dynamic range in small or less small rooms combined with the highest degree of micro-resolution and control, good efficiency. And - costing £14,990 inc VAT for a pair. What are we talking about here? It is a loudspeaker and it is called Avalon Transcendent. Have a listen and enjoy!!


Simple solutions are often the best ones. And so has been the Kuzma Stogi S tonearm for some years now. Simplicity continues in the shape of a new tonearm developed by Franc Kuzma, called Stogi S-12. Yes, it's effective length is 12 inches. And, yes, it sounds good, actually quite a bit better than it's 9-inch counterpart, thanks to the reduced tracking error. Two versions of this interesting arm will soon be shipping - one which requires a 12-inch Stabi S (or other turntable) chassis, and the other S-12VTA incorporates the excellent VTA (vertical tracking angle) tower as seen on the AirLine and 4Point tonearm. This version enables stepless VTA adjustment while the arm is playing a record and provides a standard 9-inch mounting arrangement for a vast number of turntables. The expected UK price of the Stogi S-12 is £970 inc VAT. The price for the Stogi S-12VTA will be somewhat higher and subject to confirmation.

Karan Acoustics
KA S 600 stereo amplifier

Avalon Acoustics

Stogi S-12VTA
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