Following our tradition to offer a selection of products to the general public at accommodating prices towards the Seasons Holidays, we have gone one step further this year. Rather than just choose a small number of components or accessories for our Annual Sale 2013, we are pleased to make available almost everything presently in physical stock at very reduced prices!!! In other words, whatever we can deliver immediately from our warehouse, is there for you.
The Annual Sale 2013 is on until the 31st December 2013. Or, as will be the case with many products on offer, while stocks last. Please consult our November 2013 Temptations list within this web site. As ever, do not hesitate to contact us (either main or sales office) by telephone or email if we can be of any assistance in your deliberations.


Not so long ago, towards the end of the previous century, the world of high-end audio was a wonderfully exciting and precious community. Manufacturers were designing and producing, international distributors were representing them all over the world ensuring local markets were well served in every imaginable way and, most importantly - dedicated, knowledgeable and sufficiently well funded retail consultants provided an excellent service to retail clients or, as we call them nowadays, end users.
As time went on, circumstances changed. To begin with, there was a gradual "detour", but, as global economic dismay loomed towards the year 2008, a reasonably clear line dividing distributors and retailers became more and more diffused. And, as it transpired not much later on, has disappeared. The, somewhat inexplicable and ironic, emergence of more and more new brands and products as the market and consumer purchase potential became smaller, was one reason. Even more so, those high-end audio retailers that managed to stay active, no longer had sufficient funding to pursue products they wanted. The ultimate consequences were simple and predictable. In the vast majority of cases, suppliers (manufacturer or distributor) either had to "bankroll" the retailer to keep him active, or products were no longer to be seen or heard in those places!

Fast forward to this day (rather than analyse negative consequences of all the above), we have decided to try making a small difference. We are introducing Consulting Presentations of most of our products within the realms of our office in Richmond, Surrey and our reference standard audio system. Presentations (or "demonstrations", if you like) will be strictly by appointment and we will allow at least a 2-hour time window per visitor, depending on the requirements and nature of the exercise. We would like to hear from all potential visitors by telephone or email prior to their visit and discuss, in as much detail as possible, their present circumstances as well as improvements, upgrades or changes they would consider. Using our very best reference audio system around any individual component that may be of interest to the prospective (or existing) client is, in our view, the very best way to make the DUT (device under test) perform at the very maximum of its ability. If the presented component performs to an acceptable standard within such an uncompromised set of conditions, a sufficient degree of assurance and confidence with respect to its performance in other situations (of same or lower demands) should be there for the client to feel.
Do not hesitate to call our offices (either main or sales office) or email us at your convenience to discuss your ideas and considerations, as well as to book an appointment to visit us. We hope this initiative will please all those who would like to see, feel and hear any of our bespoke products and do not have an opportunity to do so elsewhere.

2013 Annual Sale
Audiofreaks Consulting Presentations
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