Slowly. but surely, the family of George Cardas's Clear cables grows in number while, at the same time, giving us vastly advanced replacements for some of his Legacy designs revered for a long time. The very latest achievement of the kind are the new Clear Reflection interconnect and speaker cables.
Both designs draw to their design references in two crucial directions. Firstly, they include the Matched Propagation technology present in all Clear products. Secondly, they are also a "reflection" of the past, namely the internal conductor geometry of the renowned and highly acclaimed Golden Reference cables. In simple practical terms this means a sound character that incorporates a high degree of musical articulation and detail rendition of the Golden Reference, combined with the unsurpassed level of natural transparency, dynamic abilities and superb 3-dimensional soundstaging of any Clear interconnect or loudspeaker cable!
The new Cardas Clear Reflection interconnect cable is available in single-ended (RCA) or balanced (Cardas Gold XLR) configuration. The corresponding speaker cable is also suitable for bi- or tri-wiring applications where required.
UK recommended retail prices for the new Clear Reflection cables also remind strongly on those Golden Reference cables used to have. The new Clear Reflection 1m Interconnect cable costs 1m £950 inc, VAT (RCA) and £1099 inc VAT (CG XLR). As an example, a 3m set of the Clear Reflection Speaker cable costs £2599 inc VAT.


As tradition would impose on us, we have, once again, compiled an interesting assortment of products representing all our brands and are offering them in almost singular quantities at festive prices until the end of December this year. As an additional small bonus, we are shipping all our products free of charge within UK mainland for the same period of time.
For the first time in many years, our final 2014 Temptations list of this year includes a small selection of precious pre-owned components at even more attractive cost. These products carry our "Approved Pre-Owned Product" status which means they have been thoroughly tested, consumables (e.g. valves) replaced with new ones, cosmetics condition brought to 'as new' level and a warranty added, as well.
Please have a look elsewhere within our web site for more detail on products and their respective pricing.


What you see next to these words is an image of something that will, in all likelihood, turn the world of consumer audio upside down in a matter of weeks. And it will come from High Resolution Technologies, aka HRT. And, yes, it is Kevin Halverson who did it yet again!!! Who else? Be patient and moderately curious, all will be revealed shortly...


conrad-johnson MF2550SE ToneAudio (May 2014)
conrad-johnson MF2550SE The Audio Beat (August 2014)
Zanden Model 3100 The Absolute Sound (May 2014)
Zanden Model 8120 The Absolute Sound (May 2014)
Karan Acoustics Phono Reference HiFi+ (November 2014)
HRT AirStreamer HiFi+ (October 2014)

Cardas Clear Reflection interconnect cable
Cardas Clear Reflection
interconnect cable
Cardas Clear Reflection speaker coil cable
Cardas Clear Reflection
speaker coil cable
November / December Temptations
December Surprise
December Surprise
Tone Audio 63 The Audio Beat The Absolute Sound June 2014
HiFi+ Nov 2014 HiFi+ Oct 2014
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