After 7 or so years of waiting, the Clear Beyond Speaker cable finally has the alter ego in the new Clear Beyond Interconnect, launched only a few weeks ago at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Following the same design criteria and principles that made the “standard” Clear interconnect as superbly sounding as it is, Beyond IC raises the bar to another, much higher and suitably greater proximity to the impossible – a perfect sound of music reproduced through any audio system. As so often before, quoting words from Cardas Audio does not distort the truth about the performance of the new interconnect flagship to the slightest: “Clear Beyond Interconnect features our most advanced Matched Propagation Conductors. It brings noteworthy improvements in spatial imaging, dynamics and low frequency impact while retaining the classic Cardas musicality.”
The new Cardas Clear Beyond interconnect is terminated with proprietary best Cardas connectors – SRCA for single-ended applications, and CG XLR for the balanced. UK SRP for a 1m set (either RCA or XLR) is presently set at £3790 incl. VAT. Available immediately.
An Upgrade Incentive Program (from standard to Beyond Interconnect and Speaker cables) has been developed - please telephone or email our office for detailed information.


For the very first time in 29 years of our existence, we have prepared a “Warehouse Clearance Sale”. Why this bold step and what does it entail? Throughout the history of Audiofreaks, we were always one of very few, if not the only UK high end audio distribution business, that held at least one sample of virtually all its products in physical stock at all times! We firmly believed that the well worn-out “we will have to order it for you” phrase was neither professional nor sufficiently respectful towards our trade and public clients. Consequently, we were in a position to provide most of our products by return. Sadly, as the general state of the high-end audio business deteriorated over the past few years, there was less and less need for any such large inventory to be kept at all times. Not only, the overall reduced volume of demand for products reflected in shorter and shorter lead times from manufacturers. In short, whatever is nowadays not in stock, can be produced and shipped to its prospective owner within a very palatable timescale. In view of all the objective and realistic circumstances, we have decided to reduce our level of stock (inventory) to one that corresponds current dynamics of the market and its demands.
The benefit of this decision is twofold – first and foremost, it gives a unique opportunity to you, the general public interested in our brands, to obtain a number of bespoke, true high-end audio components at a price that would otherwise be very impossible! This one-off concession applies solely to products presently in physical stock and will last only while stock lasts (or no later than 31st January 2017). Secondly, it is no secret that proceeds from the value of the excessive stock will constitute funding for a welcome recapitalisation of our business, and towards the continued longevity of Audiofreaks into the 4th decade of its good life.
We encourage you to visit the Webshop section of our web site where full details of all available products are clearly presented in a separate section of the store. Our email and telephones are at your service, as well. Thank you for your continued patronage and support and we hope you find something interesting enough to make the indulging consideration worth…

Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Interconnect CG XLR
Cardas Audio
Clear Beyond Interconnect CG XLR
Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Audio
Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Interconnect RCA
Cardas Audio
Clear Beyond Interconnect RCA
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