Wellington Suite System: Muse Erato II, Muse Model Two Hundred, Avalon NP 2.0, Cardas Cross/Golden Cross, finite elemente pagode Signature E14

Muse Erato II digital player and Model Two Hundred Amplifier

Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable/Stogi Reference 313 VTA tonearm, Benz-Micro LP Ebony phono cartridge

Zanden Audio Model 2000P/5000MkIV Signature CD transport and d/a processor

Lancaster Suite: Avalon Indra loudspeakers and conrad-johnson LP275M valve mono amplifiers

Detail of the new VTA tower/Stogi Ref
313 package in the 9-inch arm mount of the Kuzma Stabi Reference

conrad-johnson ART Series 3 (very) limited edition valve line preamplifier

Karan Acoustics mini-collection: KA I 180 (integrated), KA S 180 (power) and KA Ph2 (phono)

New conrad-johnson flagship mono amplifiers LP275M

conrad-johnson TEA-1 valve phono preamplifier and Magnum Dynalab MD109 valve FM tuner


The very 1st private Audiofreaks exhibition is behind us. And what a good weekend it was! Our sincere gratitude goes to almost 500 visitors we have attempted to count - without you it would have all been a failure and disappointment! Also, big Thank You to those of our supplying manufacturers who had the time and good will to spend those few days with us and give support when it was needed most - to Franc Kuzma (of Kuzma Ltd who has not missed one single September show in London with us since 1987!!), Lew Johnson (of conrad-johnson design), Jim Richards (of Magnum Dynalab), Kevin Halverson (of Muse Electronics) and Luis Fernandes (of finite elemente). Quiet and concentrated help from usual close friends and family did not fail to be of huge influence once again. Last, but not least, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of professional care and support the Conference & Banqueting personnel of the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel showed during our first 'single-handed' presence under their roof.

Let us hope that Audiofreaks unplugged 2008 will be an even more interesting and gratifying event not just for us, but, perhaps, some others who we hope to see in along the same corridor of the Renaissance Heathrow Hotel. Serious and real high-end audio is, after all, here to stay and Audiofreaks unplugged 2007 was just another reflection of that reality.

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