After many, many years the time has come to break with the tradition that kept the annual September gathering of all those who meant something within the UK audio industry (and wider) to the locality of one of the London Heathrow hotels. Show organiser Chester Group, bravely chose to move the most important UK audio event of the year to idyllic and pastoral scenery of the magnificent Whittlebury Hall in the village of Whittlebury, Northamptonshire. For many years, Whittlebury Hall has been known to all and sundry followers of all forms of motor sport as it lies at the very edge of the Silverstone racing circuit. The time has, however, come for a slightly different type of 'noise' to gently shake the solid walls of this lovely building.

Audiofreaks was exhibiting in a spacious and excellent sounding Chapel syndicate room on the first floor and our reference standard system this year comprised of a number of very new components from a wide variety of our long-standing suppliers. For once, we were also surrounded by solid walls and floor as well as high ceiling which helped not only us, but all other exhibitors in adjacent suites to be able to play their music at almost any level they liked without disturbing or spoiling demonstrations performed by their fellow exhibitors next door.

Our system was very much as announced last month on our web pages and we hope all the visitors enjoyed our, somewhat unique, combination of very expensive flagship products we implemented (conrad-johnson GAT preamplifier and LP275M amplifiers, Zanden 2500S CD Player, Avalon Time speakers and Cardas Clear/Clear Beyond cables) with relatively affordable, but no less capable counterparts in other areas (Kuzma Stabi S-12 turntable with the Stogi Ref 313 tonearm, conrad-johnson TEA-2 phono preamplifier and finite elemente E14 Signature equipment support).

As always, here are some of the many moments our cameras captured during the weekend of the first National Audio Show at the Whittlebury Hall and we already look forward to visiting this excellent venue in September 2010.

Thank you all again for your kind visit and continued support!

Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire

conrad-johnson GAT preamplifier, conrad-johnson TEA-2 phono preamplifier

conrad-johnson LP275M mono power amplifiers, finite elemente Emperor equipment support, Cardas Clear Beyond loudspeaker cables, Avalon Time loudspeakers

conrad-johnson LP275M mono power amplifiers, finite elemente Emperor equipment support

Zanden Model 2500S CD Player

Kuzma Stabi S-12 turntable with the Stogi Ref 313 tonearm, Heavy Platter Upgrade and KC1 phono cartridge

Avalon Time loudspeaker, finite elemente Modul PV loudspeaker

Karan Acoustics KA-L MK2 preamplifier, KA S 180 power amplifier and KA-S 450 power amplifier

Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amplifier, Magnum Dynalab MD 209 Hybrid Receiver
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