We are pleased to let you know that our first allocation of the High Resolution Technologies STAGE audio system has arrived into the United Kingdom and is available and shipping now!! We have limited quantities of this unique and brilliant product in Matt Black and Off-White finish. The introductory UK recommended retail price has been set at £1099 inc VAT.

As many of you already know, the original concept of the STAGE system opens up almost limitless possibilities for increased versatility and facilities. Many of, rest assured, are already very much a forthcoming reality, rather than just considerations of “what could be” nature. Therefore, ownership of a STAGE system from the outset is only a beginning of a long-term development, improvement and user convenience path. One will always be able to make STAGE better and never have an obsolete or out of date product.

STAGE already offers a variety of application options where it can be put to use at its best in both digital and analogue domains. For example: the built-in high quality USB DAC takes care of high-resolution music files from the host computer, while the analogue line level input allows for any other source component (cd player, turntable [via phono stage] or tuner) to be added to the control centre. Finally, STAGE can be ‘controlled’ either from the media player installed in the host computer or from the front panel of the Control Center which has all the necessary functions.

Ever since we saw and heard a very early pre-production prototype of STAGE in California back in October 2012, our enthusiasm with the concept and sonic performance of this product has found its echo with our retailers and members of the UK press. We hope our existing and new customers will find STAGE as much of a joy to own, use and listen to for many years to come.


Recent arrival of the Clear family of cables, reflected George Cardas’s first radical excursion into new design territories since the introduction of the “Cross” principle a couple of decades ago. Clear design approach became such a (justified) success, it did not take long for more and more implementations of the same to come into life. However, the development of the “Clear Principle” had a positive influence on the Cross family of cables, too.
Latest two additions to the Cardas portfolio of interconnect cables are a very good proof of the pudding in both directions. The new Clear Sky interconnect complements the already established Clear Sky Speaker cable and brings all the aspects of the Clear sonic signature at a more affordable price point (UK RRP for a 1m set costs £395 inc VAT). The other addition is an interconnect called Parsec. This the very first Cardas cable which combines the Matched Propagation Conductors (a feature of Clear cables) in a product belonging to the Cross side of the range! It replaces the legendary Quadlink interconnect and costs £295 inc VAT for a 1m stereo set. Both new interconnect cables offer a very high degree of natural musicality in their sonic signature and are (as all Cardas designs) suitable for a wide variety of audio systems to a most beneficial effect.


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HRT 'STAGE' System
'STAGE' System
Kuzma STABI M chasis with drive Kuzma STABI M closed front Kuzma STABI M outer frame Kuzma STABI M sub under
Cardas Audio Clear Sky
Cardas Audio
Clear Sky
Cardas Audio Parsec
Cardas Audio
Hi-Fi+ Issue 104 The Absolute Sound (10/2013)
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