In just a couple of weeks Audiofreaks unplugged 2007 weekend will take place within the Lancaster and Wellington syndicate suites on the 1st floor of the Renaissance London Heathrow hotel. All being well and as we planned, we shall be looking forward to present the following high quality 2-channel audio systems:

Kuzma Stabi Reference Turntable (with the new electronic power supply)
Kuzma Stogi Reference 313 VTA (with the new VTA adjuster and mounting solution)
Zanden Audio Systems Model 2000 Premium CD transport/5000 Signature d/a processor
conrad-johnson ART Series 3 valve line preamplifier
conrad-johnson TEA-1 valve phono preamplifier (new product)
conrad-johnson LP275M valve mono power amplifiers (new product)
Avalon Acoustics Indra dynamic loudspeaker system (new product)
Magnum Dynalab MD109 valve analogue FM tuner
Cardas Golden Cross/Golden Reference cables
finite elemente HD Master Reference equipment supports
Acustica Applicata DAAD room acoustics treatment devices

Muse Electronics Erato II PCM Multi-format Digital Player (new product)
Muse Electronics Model Two Hundred solid-state power amplifier/control centre (new product)
Avalon Acoustics NP 2.0 dynamic loudspeaker system
Cardas Cross cables
finite elemente Signature equipment supports
Wellington suite will also allow a number of interesting products to be displayed for viewing and provide generous space for communication with our visiting manufacturers and members of the Audiofreaks crew who will be only too happy to discuss any product related topic or answer any questions.

:: HOLLY COLE 2007 - Audiofreaks exclusive in the UK!

Regular visitors to our exhibit at the Renaissance Heathrow September show over the years are well aware of our fondness and support for the opus of the brilliant Canadian singer Holly Cole. Although we are no longer offering her complete work for sale during our show weekends (her CD s are still all available from us by mail order), we chose to launch her very latest album, simply named “Holly Cole 2007”, for the occasion of this year’s Audiofreaks unplugged event. This unique album on which Holly Cole, for the first time in her recording career, sings accompanied on most numbers by a relatively large brass section, has recently been released in North America and some countries of Continental Europe, but will be officially available in the UK only from the end of October 2007. Consequently, we are in a position to supply this new title exclusively in the UK and will have a limited number of copies available for sale during our forthcoming exhibition weekend at the price of £14 inc VAT.
Incidentally, 2007 also marks the 20th anniversary of Audiofreaks as a high-end audio distribution company and we hope that our first exhibition event will make it even more special both for us and all of you who may come to see us.

Welcome to Audiofreaks unPlugged 2007 and very much looking forward to seeing you!

Kuzma Stabi Reference Turntable

Kuzma Stogi Reference 313

Zanden 2000 CD Transport/5000 DAC



Avalon Acoustics Indra

Magnum Dynalab MD109

Muse Electronics
Erato II

Muse Electronics
Model Two Hundred

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