As we have announced a while back, we will be taking part at the 1st National Audio Show 2009 on the 26th and 27th September at the Whittlebury Hall resort in Towcester (near Silverstone) , Buckinghamshire. This is the very first edition of an ambitious project led by Roy and Justin Bird of Chester Group and we hope it will prove to be a success and establish a good and prosperous path of quality audio events for years to come.

As always, we will do our best to present a collection of interesting and good sounding high-end components from our portfolio and visitors will be able to find us in the CHAPEL suite on the 1st floor of the Whittlebury Hall. Our show system will consist of the following components:

Kuzma Stabi S-12 turntable
Kuzma 4Point tonearm
Kuzma KC1 moving-coil phono cartridge
Zanden Model 2500 Signature CD Player
Magnum Dynalab MD-106T Analogue FM Tuner
conrad- johnson GAT valve line preamplifier
conrad-johnson TEA-2 valve phono preamplifier
conrad-johnson LP275M mono power amplifiers
Avalon Acoustics Time dynamic loudspeaker system
Cardas interconnect (Clear), loudspeaker (Clear Beyond) and power cables
finite elemente pagode Master Reference and Signature equipment supports

We very much look forward to your visit and hope you will enjoy the music we will select to play for you as well as the sound of our system as much or more as previous years. Welcome!!!



We are pleased to let you know that we will be offering the excellent High Resolution Technologies MUSIC STREAMER and MUSIC STREAMER + High Performance Streaming Audio Interface at special prices for the forthcoming National Audio Show 2009 at the Whittlebury Hall.
Limited quantities of each model will be available to the show visitors at the cost of £95 inc VAT (Music Streamer) and £245 inc VAT (Music Streamer+).


For some time now, M-150 (150W) valve mono power amplifiers from Rogue Audio have been one of their best selling and best ‘value for money’ products. So, it came as a little surprise to see that an acclaimed performer of the kind could actually be improved on – both in terms of available power as well as noticeably improved overall sound. Well, yes, it was possible to achieve both goals and the outcome is the new M-180 mono power amplifier developing even healthier power output of 180 Watts per channel. Thanks to some creative changes in the power supplies and the main audio circuitry, the sound has become more dynamic and full bodied and also exhibits increased musicality and transparency. And – all this at a very small price differential relative to the already approachable cost of the M-150s.
The new Rogue Audio M-180 mono power amplifiers are shipping now and cost £5,495 inc VAT for a pair. Standard front panel finish continue be silver or black.


Conrad and Johnson never sleep! Always with good ideas how to make their products not only better, but longer lasting and maintaining their overall performance at the pinnacle of what can be achieved. So, only few weeks ago, conrad-johnson design introduced their “Capacitor Upgrade” program which provides all the necessary parts, mainly their latest proprietary Teflon (PTFE) audio and power supply capacitors. We are delighted to announce the new upgrade packages in the United Kingdom as well and welcome your enquiries about pricing for individual models as well as any other questions you may have.

Please visit http://www.conradjohnson.com/It_just_sounds_right/cap_upgrades.html for more information and detailed description of the new conrad-johnson capacitor upgrade options and models to which they apply.


Over the past few months, a number of Audiofreaks products received very favourable comments from various prominent UK audio reviewers. Freshly (and nicely) redesigned HIFI NEWS magazine wrote about the new Magnum Dynalab MD209 FM Receiver in their September 2009 issue (Steve Harris) and also about the Kuzma Stabi S-12 with the Stogi Reference 313 in the October 2009 issue (Steve Harris). The other prominent UK audio publication, HIFI+ which, interestingly enough, also underwent a thorough redesign under the leadership of its new editor Alan Sircom, reviewed the new Avalon Aspect loudspeakers (Roy Gregory) and Cardas Clear cables (Alan Sircom) in the, still current, July 2009 issue.

Avalon Acoustics Time

conrad-johnson GAT

conrad-johnson LP275M

Zanden Model 2500

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