This year, Audiofreaks will be taking part at the National Audio Show 2010 (Whittlebury Hall, 25-26 September) once again in the CHAPEL suite on the 1st floor. While, at present, we are not in a position to give all details of the 2-channel system we intend to use, let us say that we expect to show a number of new products from several of our long-standing manufacturing suppliers. Some of them will have their world launch at the NAS2010, and two of those we can already tell you about. Avalon Acoustics gave us the honour to premiere their new Transcendant loudspeaker system (2-way, 3-driver concept costing just under £15,000 inc VAT) and Franc Kuzma is giving us the new Stogi S-12 VTA tonearm, which is a longer version of the well established Stogi S model, also incorporating the ingenious Kuzma VTA tower for fine adjustment of the vertical tracking angle while the LP is being played. These two are just some many new designs for the 2011 season we hope to be presenting in active use during the show weekend. We will also be demonstrating the excellent Music Streamer family of USB D/A converters with a small probability of another, quite revolutionary new product from High Resolution Technologies to be seen and heard during this event. What would that be? Better not to say too much, but let's try to imagine something that can use (and be directly connected to) a number of, presently extremely popular and widely present devices which, among other properties, could be directly connected to the newest Music Streamer and serve as hosts (sources of music files).... So, plenty to look forward to and we very much hope to see many of you in a few weeks' time at the Whittlebury Hall. Welcome and enjoy!!


It has been quite a while since we added another new (and we mean, new to us!) name to our portfolio of brands. As mentioned several months ago, Audiofreaks is now the sole UK distributor of the exquisite Running Springs Audio mains (power/line) conditioners. We have decided to introduce 3 models that are called Dmitri (6 outlets), Jaco (4 outlets) and Duke (2 outlets). All products will be provided with the highest quality Furutech UK mains sockets and a Furutech 20Amp IEC outlet. Customers will have the option to purchase RSA conditioners either on their own it with high quality mains (power) Cardas Golden Power cords. Pricing and availability will be defined in good time before the NAS2010. We are also pleased to announce the presence of Mr. Dan Babineau, the creative force behind the RSA products who will be with us for this year's show and only too happy to enlighten visitors with all the intricacies of his designs.

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