:: THRUXTON, 1st May 2011

Race 1

Race 2

Two 6th place finishes were a somewhat poor reward for a great deal of hard work by both the team and "our" driver at Thruxton. With an average speed of nearly 115mph over the lap, Thruxton is the fastest circuit in the UK and also the most punishing on the tyres. The British Touring Cars use a special harder tyre for this track only but in the Porsche series we use the same tyre throughout the year. It was, therefore, not to have another puncture (with 2 in 4 races so far this season). Main focus was on how to optimise the car and get the best out of it in both races.
The 1st race started very well but an unfortunate flat spotting of one tyres meant Tim Harvey had to be cautious, while still fighting for the 5th place overall. However in Race 2, after a slight tyre pressure adjustment and a small chassis set up change Tim reported the car was "simply great"! After the race Tim said he had nothing left to give, but was beaten by 5 much lighter drivers even though he felt he was faster in the high speed corners of the track.

Here is an example how much heavier drivers in the PCCGB 2011 have been penalised for the first time ever: Gordon Shedden (Honda Racing) won the first BTCC race at a canter, and was then given a 45kg of success ballast for Race 2. So, same car, same driver, same track, but with the added weight, he lapped half a second slower than in Race!! We use this example to show how relevant weight is, and how Tim's "additional 35kgs" of body weight compared to other (younger and leaner, dare we say?!) drivers just cannot defeat the laws of physics! Additional 35kg of body weight cost approx. 0.3 of a second per lap. And that is simply too much to make up against the opposition this year. Looking at the results in 2010 (as an example) as per PCCGB regulations (and weights in of the car and the driver with their minimum) Tim Harvey had absolutely no trouble being as fast or (mostly) faster than any of the opposition!!??

We were very sad to hear that, after the Thruxton weekend, Tim Harvey considered the "degree of futility" of him continuing in the PCCGB this year and, not long after it has been announced that he, with the Porsche World Cup race at the legendary Nurburgring Nordshcleife circuit in late June, his Nationwide/Motorbase racing car will be taken over by a young and promising talent KIERAN VERNON. Tim Harvey very much remains an active member of the Nationwide/Motorbase team and Kieran's coach for the rest of the season. Tim made it very clear that this decision which, incidentally, had the full understanding and support of all of us, his sponsors, does in no way mean he will not be back in the PCCGB next year if he can be as competitive as he and the rest of us very well know his driving skills certainly make possible.

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