Although 2011 did not happen to be one of the best racing seasons for our "in house" consummate professional Tim Harvey, we have decided to continue our support for his motor racing activities in 2012 and his association with the Porsche product for the purpose.

Tim Harvey is taking part this season in the, constantly developing BRITISH GT CHAMPIONSHIP driving for the Trackspeed team and sharing the very latest specification Porsche 911GT3 R a very successful and experienced gentleman-racer Jon Minshaw.

Tim was the very first Porsche Carrera GB Carrera Cup 2011 to choose the British GT Championship for 2012 as his next platform. As the start of the season approached, and even more so, after the first race weekend, a number of prominent Porsche personalities such as Richard Westbrook, Michael Caine, Dainele Perfetti, etc. joined the championship in a number of Porsche 911GT3 cars. Which, needless to say, ensured a very competitive and exciting racing against and among Ferarri, BMW, Aston Martin and other highly acclaimed and well prepared GT cars.

Please find below a number of links to web sites covering the British GT Championship 2012 , Trackspeed Racing Team and Porsche Motorsport for detailed information about the 911GT3 R racing car.

British GT Championship 2012http://www.britishgt.com/
Trackspeed Racinghttp://www.trackspeed.net/
Porsche 911GT3 R (2012)http://www.porsche.com/uk/motorsportandevents/motorsport/racingcars/911gt3r-997/

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